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Coloured pencils create a beautifully soft and realistic image, which is highly adaptable to many subjects.  However, I think they are particularly suited to animals and people because of the amount of control I have over each mark, and the slow and considered manner in which each picture takes shape.   They can be layered and blended to create a rich and textured surface, where fibres, flecks, highlights in the iris, delicate skin tones and hair can be all be laid down in precise detail using multiple tones, or blended in such a way to create that look of softness or distance.

3 Girls

Chester Bear



This is Rosie, an English Springer Spaniel.  This portrait was completed over a few weeks, in order to work up the many layers of colour making up Rosie’s fur.

Pencil Dog 6
Dog 23 Pencil 7
Pencil Dog 1
Dog 6 Pencil 2
Pencil Dog 2
Dog 4 pencil 1
Pencil Dog 3
Dog 11 watercolour 7
Pencil Dog 4
Dog 7 Pencil 3
Pencil Dog 5
Cat 3 pencil 2
Pencil cat 2
Horse 15 watercolour 14
Pencil Horse 2
Horse 17 pencil 3
Pencil Horse 3

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