8 Nov 18

Added 4 new photographs to Monochrome and Coloured pencils, all animals this time.

Monochrome horde head

Coloured Pencils:-

Three Gals

Chester Bear The Cat


17 April ’18

Along with my love of animals, I love food, and look forward to developing a range of images of my favourite foods in pencil, pen and watercolour.  I start with this watercolour of a cheeseboard.  It is quite light at the moment, and I will have to be very mindful as I progress to keep the colour and tones balanced.  I will post progress photos, but if you have a burning idea or suggestion for a food picture, please feel free to contact me!

Cheese board.jpg


20 Feb ’18

Time to get started on a promised portrait, of our beautiful English Springer Spaniel, Rosie. It will be drawn in coloured pencils, and although I mix my brands, I love the variety and density of Derwent (both water soluble and Artists coloured pencils) and Faber Castell (Polychromos) pencils.
The quality of any picture is founded in the quality of the drawing, the accuracy of the sketch will ensure that the final portrait will look in proportion, giving it the best chance of looking like the real animal!
Being right-handed, I tend to draw from left to right. Wherever you start, be careful that you don’t lean on your work, smudging it or leaving greasy prints!
This piece is at the very beginning, and there are still layers to be added to create depth and texture.

Rosie 1 (1)


06 Feb ’18

Pencil drawing I delivered to the proud owners over the week end.

Favourite - me.JPG